Residential & Commercial Leasing Services You Can Trust

At Statewide Property Management we are ready to fill your vacancies, keep them filled, and handle all the paperwork including fiscal management. The first step is a meet and greet. We need to see and evaluate your property / properties to offer you the best strategic plan to increase your bottom line and keep your units full. On the flip side, we’re sure you want to meet us face to face to ask questions and know you’ve chosen the right property management company to work with. We offer our services throughout Maine, targeting the Downeast area, and they are offered A-La Carte so you can choose what works for you!

Enjoy Life While We Do the Work for You

We handle all aspects of the leasing process including the following:

Before Tenant Move-In

  • Listing Your Properties Vacancies on our Website
  • Inspections & Recommended Improvements to Appeal Rental Improvement
  • We Will Show Your Properties to Perspective Tenants
  • Handle Tenant Applications
  • Run Back Ground Checks
  • Administer State of Maine Leases & Required Docs

Tenant Occupancy

  • Move-In Inspections
  • Move-Out Inspections
  • Collect Rent
  • Handle Unpaid Rent
  • Tenant Eviction

Fiscal Management Services

When working with our firm you'll always know where your properties financials stand.

  • Collections of Monthly Rents
  • Monthly Accounting Reports Detailing Income and Expenses
  • Providing Owner Fully Itemized Monthly Invoices & Statements
  • Handling Proper Documentation of Security Deposit Return or Withholding
  • Profit / Loss Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Year-end Accounting summary of your Account and 1099s

Property Maintenance & Upkeep

To maximize your properties potential and keep your vacancies full, it is important that your property is maintained and issues are handled quickly. From leaky faucets to building construction, and grounds upkeep we have the crew to handle it all.